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29 Nov

We have moved. We have a new address at FUT 13 Tips now so please bookmark and visit the new site instead, we are hoping to get a redirect up so that people visiting this site will be taken there. Don’t worry all the old posts are on the new site as well.

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Top Buys: Best Russian League Players

27 Nov

In the next post in the Top Buys group, we have the slight obscure Russian League. Whilst you might not be able to name many players from the league and probably an even smaller number of teams, this league is a gem for making a cheap competitive gold team. My friend  is trying to make a great team and it is probably going to cost him less than 25,000 coins. So if  you want a to take a journey into creating a team out of this league, here are the top buys you need to make:

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Top Five: Best Stadiums in FUT 13

21 Nov

When creating your team, it’s not only the kit you can use to personalise your side but you can also choose your stomping ground as well. Which stadium you have also affects how much extra morale you get from a team talk, with the shiny gold cards giving +8%. Here are the top five best stadium you can get in the game:

5. Old Trafford

Old Trafford

A bit run of the mill but if your a United fan, you can’t beat it. Not only does the stadium bare the famous name but is plastered everywhere, just to remind your opponents of your allegiance.

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How to make money in FUT: 59 minute method explained

17 Nov

Now it is time to go back to on method on how to make some more coins. This method is called the 59 minute method and it is on of the most popular methods to making money. So what’s the aim of this method? Basically it’s all about finding a bargain. It sounds hard to come by and it does require a little know how as regards to the market value of good players.

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Top Buys: Best Serie A players

15 Nov

Welcome to my post about the best players in the Italian league, Serie A. Remember it is important to get the best chemistry out of a team so ideally players of the same nationality and league would get the green lines between the players and get your team playing perfectly! Obviously Italian players are the easiest to find in the league but there are also many foreign players are equally as good to use and can be effective. Continue reading to find out who the top performers and best value players in Serie A are!  Continue reading

Top Buys: Best BBVA Players

15 Nov

It’s Liga BBVA league time, so who is the best of the best in the Spanish league? This post will show you who you need to get now, who to save up for and who you’ll need to save for a long, long time for. As always, remember prices do fluctuate and these players were right for the category at the time of writing but they could change in the future. But without further ado, lets start with best cheap buy!

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Top Buys: Best Bundesliga players

7 Nov

Note: Sorry about how long it took to get this post up. Unfortunately I’ve had no internet for the past three days, but its back now so i’ll get more new content out soon!

So last week I talked about players in the Premier League you should definitely think about getting getting for your ultimate team. Now this post is about the Bundesliga, so who should you get? Again I’ve got to remind you that prices fluctuate not only week to week but also depending on what formation they are in, so bare that in mind!

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Top Buys: Best BPL players

4 Nov

Time for something new. We’re going to look at the best players in different league which you need to get in your squad. Each of these posts will be focusing on:

  • Best cheap buy
  • Best pace player
  • Two best reasonable buys
  • Best overall player

Please bare in mind prices do fluctuate from week to week and also from different formations. But without further ado, lets find out the must have’s in the Premier League.

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How to make 2000 coins in five minutes

1 Nov Coins

It’s the first of November so it’s means its my birthday in 3 weeks! Which means birthday cash income, awesome! But how can you quickly make some cash of your own pretty quickly? All the other methods ive talked about are slightly longer solutions but if only a couple of thousand away for getting that star player, how can you bridge that gap in a couple of minutes?

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Milestone: 500 views!

29 Oct

Hi, there people! just a post to say I’ve hit 500 all time views today which is a bit of a milestone so thank you for visiting! Hopefully there will be more in the future but in the mean time, if there is anything you’d like to see, please post a comment on this page and I’ll get some stuff up for the most popular questions.

Thank you again for visiting guys!