Starting out in Fifa Ultimate Team

13 Oct

So you’ve got past the tutorial playing against a superstars Ultimate Team and you’ve been given your first team. But what makes a good team? If you’re just starting out it’s likely you’ve been given a full bronze squad and it should look something like this:

Standard squad

A standard bronze side

So lets go through the basics. In the top left is which formation you’re currently playing. Obviously you want to pick your favourite formation. If you’ve playing Fifa for a while now, you’ll probably have a favourite but its definitely worth experimenting with different ones for two reasons:

  1. The most common formations such as 4-4-2 and 4-1-2-1-2 cost the most money to change and players on the auction house with these formations are the most expensive and that’s important because:
  2. It affects your players chemistry

Now what’s chemistry? It’s a unique system to FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) and it’s basically how well your players play together and its represented on a scale of 100 in the top right hand corner. Now why is it important? With your players playing better together then they’ll:

  • Make better runs…
  • Make better passes…
  • …and keep possession better

So how do you improve your chemistry? When you start out, its likely that your teams chemistry will be low and you will lose some of your games but its worth it to get some coins so you can buy better players but make sure when you’re buying those players you keep chemistry in mind. So what do you do to improve chemistry?

  • Nationality: When players are the same nationality. I recommend that this is what to aim for in your first team since its the cheapest and easiest way to build chemistry. Go for an unusual nationality like South Korea since they are cheaper than the top 9 nations like Germany and England, especially England.
  • League: Players who play in the same league such as the Premier League have good chemistry between each other. This is a better to aim for when you have a gold team since you have a bigger pool of players to aim for. That and its more likely that you’ll be familiar with the teams and their players.
  • Team: Players who play for the same team also have good chemistry.
  • Position: This one is obvious really but players in the right position will have better chemistry. You can play people in the wrong position but they will take a penalty to their chemistry.
  • Formation: Players in the right formation will have better chemistry but you can get away with players in the wrong formation if you have a manager who is trained in the right formation, players will only take a small penalty and you can still get 100 chemistry.

Speaking of a Manager, you can see your current manager which is card on the right hand side. For your first team, just get a bronze manager in your favourite formation for 150 coins, don’t worry about the nationality and don’t pay more than you need too.

Formation Chemistry

So you can see here in the player information view (by flicking the right stick left) that some of my players aren’t in my teams 4-1-2-1-2 formation, but my chemistry is still 100 because my manager is 4-1-2-1-2.

Contracts, Fitness and Chemistry

Next thing to worry about is fitness and morale. These are almost as valuable as chemistry, and then the thing that will take up most of your money, contracts! You can view them by flicking right again on the right stick.

  • Fitness: How much sprint players have. If fitness is low, players are prone to cramp and worse, injury, which will keep them out for a couple of games.
  • Morale: How confident players are, they’ll defend harder and attack more confidently.
  • Contracts: The number of games the player or manager can play for.

Both morale and fitness can be improve with buying cards. I advise you look for Gold squad morale cards. They can be picked up for around 300-500 coins on a buy now and its more cost effective than buying separate player morale cards. You can also buy squad fitness cards but they are very expensive. Aim for silver player fitness cards and pay a buy now of around 250 coins.

Contracts are expensive. The best way to buy them is by search for gold contracts with a maximum bid price of 150 coins. Their are always loads on sale with a few seconds to go, so just put 150 bids on as many cards you can afford and you will surely win 3-4 of them. Aim for gold contracts because they give the most games to players.

The bottom stat is individual players chemistry. This makes them play and position themselves better. It contributes to the overall chemistry but by using your manager, you can have less than 9 chemistry on each player and still have 100 overall.

So you know all you need to know to get started. Good look and get building your team and comment if you have any more advice!


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