Player Stats: What makes a good player?

14 Oct

So you’re looking at getting some more players who will improve your game but what do you look for? There are six categories of stats for a player and they are:

  • Pace: How fast a player is. Fast players are great at play making and counter attacking. They also allow improbable through balls to work.
  • Shooting: How good a player is at shooting. Pretty self explanatory.
  • Passing: How accurate a player can pass to another player. Important for possession and making good through balls.
  • Dribbling: Ball control and first touch. The better a players dribbling, the better they will receive the ball and the ball will remain closer if they sprint. An important skill for people who like to use skill moves.
  • Defending: How good a player is a defending and it covers how strong a player is and how good they are at intercepting.
  • Heading: How powerful and accurate a players heading is, important for people who cross a lot.

So now we know what statistics mean but which ones are most important for each position. We’ll start with strikers:

A striker card

So here is one of my strikers that I use in my gold team. The first thing you notice is how fast he is. He is good at breaking away from defenders and getting in a good position. The other important stat is shooting. If anything my strikers shot could be better. Their have been a few sitter that have gone wide because of it. It would be worth sacrificing a small amount of pace for a shot above 80. It’s also worth noting that I would recommend having one striker good at shot and one good at heading for corners and crosses.

Next defenders:

Defender card

So obviously the two big stats are heading and defending. Heading is important for defending crosses and corners and defending is important for well, defending! It’s also worth baring in mind a players pace since they have to keep up with fast strikers. Around 67-75 is fine but definitely a bit more for LB and RB players for defending attacks on the wings.

Midfielder’s need good all around stats. Passing is the most important though, a good passer can lay down good through balls to cut up a defence. So they only players left now are goalkeepers.

Goalkeeper Card

Now as I’m sure you may noticed, the goalkeepers stats are slightly different so let go through them:

  • Diving: How good a goalkeeper can time their dives and how accurate they are
  • Handling: How good a keeper is with his hands. A keeper with better handling will catch more balls rather than punching them away
  • Kicking: In my mind this is the most important stat, why? Any keeper can catch a ball and make a save but how many times from a goal kick have you given the opponent the ball and they have scored? With poor kicking this can happen many times in a match so its important your keeper can accurately kick the ball to his players
  • Reflexes: How well a keeper can react. Basically can he dive kick enough to stop a powerful shot or stop somebody trying to take the ball around him.
  • Speed: How quickly he can close a player down
  • Positioning: A better rating will mean he covers the net better instead of leaving it open for the opponent to exploit

So to summarise, all stats should be good but my advice is go for a high kicking rating if you can, it should be the deciding factor for which card you buy.

So that’s all the different cards you need to get, you should have a better idea of what to look for now so I’ll leave you with this piece of advice:

Don’t waste your money on shiny cards, they are not necessarily better. Stick with looking at each players statistics.

Update: I’ve found a website called FUTHead where you can search for any player within Ultimate Team and see all their stats even the ones outside the 6 main categories on the face of their card, things like free kick and long shot. You can also directly compare players so its a great website to check who’s the best players you want.



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