How to make money in FUT: Buy, Improve, Sell Method

18 Oct

Here is another post about making money in FUT Team, last time we talked about the Bronze Pack method and if you haven’t read it yet then you can read it here. But that method was more for making a small amount of money when you don’t have much money to invest. The buy, improve, sell method requires a bit more work on your end but it will make you a lot more profit. So how does it work?

It’s a simple method really but requires a bit of patience but also a bit of knowledge. So how do you get this ‘knowledge?’ Well do a search of some popular, well-known players in the premier league, or another popular league, that players will want to buy. A good example that I’ve done myself was Darren Bent. He sells for about 8000 coins, and this is the key bit, in the formation; 4-1-2-1-2. So now you know he’s quite an expensive player, look for him in any formation. You’ll find that he sells for a lot lower, I picked him up for 2800 coins.

Darren Bent

‘I can make you money!’

Now you could try to sell him again straight away to make a little bit of a profit but the big money comes from players wanting him in a popular formation. So now its time to browse for a formation card to apply. You have to keep in mind that popular formation cards are very expensive. 4-1-2-1-2 typically sells for around the 4200 coin mark at the moment, so make sure you can make a profit from improving the card and selling it on. So here’s a breakdown of what happened in my Darren Bent example:

Purchase Price = 2800 coins

Formation Card = 4200 coins

Total Cost = 7000 coins

Sales Price = 8000 coins

Profit = 1000 coins

So for me I made 1000 coins on buying, improving and selling Darren Bent but the beauty of this method is that the more the player costs, the more profit your likely to make. Buying a player like Podolski for 25k and then improving him could yield a profit of 5000+ coins (that’s including the cost of a formation card.) The biggest trick here is to make sure you can make a profit by always keeping in mind how much it costs for the player plusthe money you will spend on a formation card. You have to be carefully or before you know it, you will have to sell him for a loss, so always keep that in mind!

One final thing to note is that if you buy a player, such as a RW, to change into a formation like 4-4-2, people won’t buy him because there isn’t a RW position in the formation so you’ll also have to buy a position changing card which can make the purchase more expense. In some cases, this can yield even more profit if the position cards aren’t to expensive, such as RW to RM. But if the position card costs thousands, like a CF to ST card, then it makes it that much harder to make a profit.

So hopefully you’ll be able to make some profit through this method. As always, please comment below on any profit stories you’ve had and happy selling!


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