What is the difference between green and orange chemistry lines?

23 Oct

This is a short post about a part of ultimate team that is a little confusing. You may noticed how lines connect a player to all the other players surrounding him. These reflect the chemistry between different players. It’s easy to understand why lines are red, because the chemistry is bad, but what is a little confusing is the difference between green and orange because players with orange linked lines can still have 9 chemistry.

Well lets start with how you get green lines. Chemistry increases through players from the same nation, team or league. To get green lines, you have to combine two of these connections so for example:

  • Same nationality and same league
  • or just in the same team

So what benefits does it give you? Well, no one knows for sure but, whether this is psychological or not, players seem to get the ball more and do more with it. Obviously it must have some effect otherwise EA wouldn’t have incorporated it into the game. So if you’re looking at boost your star players, try pairing them up with players from the same team.


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