How to make ALOT of money in FUT: Monopoly Method

25 Oct

Here’s another method to make some money, be warned though, this one is for more advanced players who have quite a lot of money to spend (25000+ coins.) Though it’s a lot of money that’s needed to be invested, and its risky, the return can be very high if you play your cards right, no pun intended.

So why’s it called the monopoly method? Well it involves buying lots of a sort after cards, at least ten, and then pricing all the cards higher so that people wanting to buy the card have to pay your prices. You can see why you need a lot of money to do it and with the more money you have, the better the players that you can price fix.

What should you buy then? Well you want to go for cards that are very popular. Some examples are; on the cheaper side, stadium cards like Wembley Stadium and commonly used players, like Hernandez are the ones to go for. This is because people are likely to buy them, and if you give them no other choice, then they will have to pay your higher prices. You can also control the mark up obviously but only set it between 500 up to 2000 coins higher than the average price, the higher amount for really sought after cards, otherwise nobody will want to buy your cards, and they will wait for a better deal leaving you with cards you can’t shift.

I hope this helps the people out there looking at saving up for a really expensive player and remember, be patient, if the cards don’t sell straight away, put them on again a couple more times before lowering the price, good luck!


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