How to make 2000 coins in five minutes

1 Nov

It’s the first of November so it’s means its my birthday in 3 weeks! Which means birthday cash income, awesome! But how can you quickly make some cash of your own pretty quickly? All the other methods ive talked about are slightly longer solutions but if only a couple of thousand away for getting that star player, how can you bridge that gap in a couple of minutes?

Well it’s all about fitness cards or contract cards, both work as well as each other. The idea is that you use your speedy buying skills to get about 40 cards for 150 coins. Then once you’ve done that, you list them for at a 200 buy now for an hour, you’ll find they get snapped up pretty quickly.

Obviously you need a bit of cash to begin with:

Cost: 150×40=6000 coins
Sales: 200×40=8000 coins
Profit: 2000 coins

And it could take longer longer than five minutes to do depending on how long it takes to buy the cards but it can be done! The cards should sell pretty fast once listed.

So if you’re saving up some thing and you are within arms reach of getting it, use this method to get that last stretch of coins!


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