Top Buys: Best BPL players

4 Nov

Time for something new. We’re going to look at the best players in different league which you need to get in your squad. Each of these posts will be focusing on:

  • Best cheap buy
  • Best pace player
  • Two best reasonable buys
  • Best overall player

Please bare in mind prices do fluctuate from week to week and also from different formations. But without further ado, lets find out the must have’s in the Premier League.

Best Cheap Buy

Without a doubt, when your starting your squad, the best cheap player you can buy is Tim Howard, Everton’s goalkeeper.

Tim Howard

It seems crazy to me that you can buy a 81 rated goalkeeper for around the 1000 coins mark. Me personally, I got him for 600 coins! It’s not like he is bad either, people must not respect this underrated card. I must if you are starting your BPL squad.

Best Pace Player

Who else could it be? Of course it’s Theo Walcott. 96 pace is on par with the highest in the game.

Theo Walcott

He is a RW so bare in mind whether he will fit in your formation or not. You could always get a position card, RW to RM, but it will cost you. Walcott is current going for around the 7500 coins mark at the moment. His other stats maybe not be too remarkable but you can’t deny how fast this guy is.

Two reasonable Buys

For the two best reasonable buys in the premier league, I have gone for Mikel Arteta and José Reina.

Reasonable Buys (José Reina & Mikel Arteta)

I’ve gone for Mikel because he has great passing which is important in midfield, especially if you like to keep possession. The only criticism is that he is a little slow compared to some of his peers. José Reina is a great keeper, 83 overall, most of his stats for in or near the 80 mark and his kicking, a favourite statistic of mine, is 91, awesome!

Best Overall Player

It’s a very tough call because of players like Rooney, Tevez and Van Persie but I think the best overall player in the Premier League is Sergio Agüero.

Sergio Aguero

Rated 87 overall; 88 pace, 84 shot and 91 dribbling he is a skill players delight. 4 star skills and 4 star weak foot, you’re never really in a situation where getting a goal isn’t an option. Get saving up though, Agüero is around the 135,000 coins mark!

So there are my Best Buys for the BPL. If there is anyone you think we’ve missed, leave a comment!


One Response to “Top Buys: Best BPL players”

  1. David Beckham November 17, 2012 at 12:57 pm #

    On your analysis of Agüero, I think it should be “You’re apposed to your”. Keep the grammar correct… Do it for the kids

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