Top Buys: Best BBVA Players

15 Nov

It’s Liga BBVA league time, so who is the best of the best in the Spanish league? This post will show you who you need to get now, who to save up for and who you’ll need to save for a long, long time for. As always, remember prices do fluctuate and these players were right for the category at the time of writing but they could change in the future. But without further ado, lets start with best cheap buy!

Best cheap buy

So first up in our five man dream team is Emre.


Okay so he isn’t a rare shiny card but bare with me. This moustache man may not be the fastest player in the world but he has everything you want from a midfielder. Passing, dribbling and then when you get the chance, he can also shoot too. Plus, because he isn’t a shiny, he is at a rock bottom price. Emre is the perfect workhorse when your starting out making a Liga BBVA team.

Best pace buy

There are faster players about, but I wanted to show somebody who is more attainable so I have gone with Guardado.


88 pace might not stand out as amazing, but lets break it down. His sprint speed overall is 86 and his acceleration is 90. This means that unlike some other fast players out there, this guy can get up to full speed quickly which is great for counter attacking. He also has 91 balance making him harder to tackle and he will also keep on his feet if pushed about. As a left midfield, Guardado has the pace to run down the wing and with 84 crossing, its probably going to meet your strikers head. Not bad for around 1500 coins.

There is also an inform version if your looking to spend more money.

Two reasonable buys

So time for two reasonable buys to save up for who will definitely improve your squad.

Higuain and Conetrao

Both in the 80’s, Fabío Coentrão is a big name to add to your squad. He is fast enough to keep up with attackers and he can defend, head and then pass to get the ball away. He is definitely somebody you can rely on.

At the other end of the pitch we have Higuaín. Whilst not the fastest player around, he is the type of player who ‘shoots and scores.’ With four star skills and a four star weak foot, you should be able to get around your opponents defence from any angle and get a great shot off. And if you have the money, there is also an in form version.

Best overall player

So it comes to the big prize, best overall player of the BBVA. It comes down to the age old argument, Messi or Ronaldo?

Cristano Ronaldo

So lets go with Ronaldo. Sorry Messi fans but on balance Ronaldo is better (apart from his overall rating.) Ronaldo has…

  • Better shot
  • Better heading
  • Only one point less on pace
  • Four star weak foot (compared to Messi’s three)
  • and five star skills (compared to Messi’s four)

Messi’s other stats may be better but for me and with what stats I like better, Ronaldo just takes it, plus he can do a Mcgeady spin.

So there we have it guys, the best buys for the Liga BBVA. As always comment below on your favourite players and don’t forget to like and follow!


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