Top Five: Best Stadiums in FUT 13

21 Nov

When creating your team, it’s not only the kit you can use to personalise your side but you can also choose your stomping ground as well. Which stadium you have also affects how much extra morale you get from a team talk, with the shiny gold cards giving +8%. Here are the top five best stadium you can get in the game:

5. Old Trafford

Old Trafford

A bit run of the mill but if your a United fan, you can’t beat it. Not only does the stadium bare the famous name but is plastered everywhere, just to remind your opponents of your allegiance.

4. Town Park

Town Park

Call me old fashioned, but theirs something that I like about playing at Town Park, the stadium (stop me if I’m wrong) that everybody starts with. Everything seems so personal and I like how when taking a goal kick, you’re view isn’t dominated by stands, you actually get to take in some of the 2D scenery behind it. It’s a shame in the higher divisions that nobody uses it, makes sense though since you only get a +2% in

3. King Fahd Stadium

King Fahd

Ewan who wrote the Best Serie A Buys uses the King Fahd Stadium and I have to say it is magnificent, it almost doesn’t look real. Saudi Arabia did well to build this stadium in and it must have cost a fortune. It’s not that expensive to buy at auction either. Want to impress your opponents? Look no further.

2. Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

As a British player I had to put this in. There is nothing quite like the new Wembley stadium with its famous arch which over shadows the pitch and the overwhelming view when you take a goal kick, there is nothing bad you can say about it. However you better be willing to spend a couple thousand coins because Wembley is very sought after.

1. BC Place Stadium

BC Place Stadium

Whilst their might be other stadiums which are better than BC Place on this list, this one wins the unique vote. When playing the game, most of the time you will be staring a the pitch and for the most part, each one of the other stadiums look the same. All apart from this one. BC Place clearly was an American Football pitch at one point (and probably still is.) You can still make out the yard count near the side lines and the pitch doesn’t have the light and dark grass ‘lines’. It makes for a unique experience when you’re playing at home, even better if you are a Vancouver fan!

BC Place Pitch

I tried to show what the pitch looks like using my camera

So there’s my top five stadiums in Ultimate Team. As always, please comment, subscribe and rate the post and in the mean time, enjoy picking your teams new home.

20121126-030645 PM.jpg

20121126-030725 PM.jpg


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