Top Buys: Best Russian League Players

27 Nov

In the next post in the Top Buys group, we have the slight obscure Russian League. Whilst you might not be able to name many players from the league and probably an even smaller number of teams, this league is a gem for making a cheap competitive gold team. My friend  is trying to make a great team and it is probably going to cost him less than 25,000 coins. So if  you want a to take a journey into creating a team out of this league, here are the top buys you need to make:

Best cheap player


Emenike is really cheap! For 90 pace, especially if you in the lower leagues of season, will blast past defences. His shot isn’t too bad, but when you get enough money, you will probably replace him with Eto’o. Still not bad for starting out your Russian squad though.

Best pace player


Whilst a majority of the players in this post are around the 90 mark meaning there isn’t much between them, so kind of by default, the best pace player is Welliton. 92 pace in any other league is amazing but in the Russian League, it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, but regardless, this is the fastest the Russian League has to offer, full stop.

Best two reasonable buys

Akinfeev and McGeady

Akinfeev is an amazing keeper, even better than someone like Jose Reina. 89 reflexes is brilliant, if your opponent shoots a quick but powerful shot, it’s very likely Akinfeev will be there to save it. He even has my favourite stat, kicking as well as 88 diving. Definitely a brilliant keeper in any sense of the word. Then we have McGeady, initially you’ll notice how quick he is but there is another big selling point. He has 5 star skills because he created the ‘McGeady spin’ so skill players take notice, buy McGeady.

Best overall player

So now it’s down to the best player in the league. Now the best player could easily have been Brazil’s Hulk, however I though you guys might want to save some money so you buy the best paid player on the planet.


That’s right, its Eto’o and he only costs around 10,000 coins! He is paid €20 milion per year to offer 91 pace and 85 shot to your side. Pretty good at dribbling and 4 star skills means he is a pretty strong signing to your side.

It is worth noting that you aren’t going to make the best side in the world picking the Russian league, however they will be a great team to make money with, especially since its so cheap to create.

As usual, subscribe, like, follow and comment on what you think to the list and whether you’ve ever though about making a Russian League, I certainly think I might!


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