What’s this all about?

Ultimate Team is a side game to every Fifa edition since Fifa 10. It’s only since Fifa 12 though when Ultimate Team was included with the main game. This website is here to help you understand the jargon and aid you in making the best team possible.

Who am I?

I’m pretty new to this Fifa game. I’ve been playing since Fifa 12 but I really got into Ultimate Team in Fifa 13 and have been playing solidly since it came out. I’m currently in Division 1 after winning the title having only lost a few matches. Before that I lost quite a lot in the Cup matches, enough to learn how to avoid one or two pitfalls of the game.

What’s my team?

My team is called the Creamy Elephant and was based on German league players but my main team is now a Premier League team. I play in 5-2-1-2 formation because I’m not great at defending but with five at the back you can’t go wrong. Attacking I have lots of options but it is a little lacklustre in midfield.

Who’s my favourite player?

Without a doubt my favourite player is Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski. He’s got a great long shot on him and you can score some spectacular goals with him (what I call Podolski screamers) and I’ve now got him in my Ultimate Tea and he hasnt let me down. I just wish he got played for entire matches in real life rather than the 60 minutes that he gets played for at the moment!

How can I get involved?

If you have some input from yourself, make sure to post a comment!


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