Picking the right Formation in FUT

20 Oct

In my previous posts, you’ve may have noticed how I’ve talked quite a lot about formations, and if not, I’m sure you’ve noticed how important formations are to Ultimate Team. It’s a big decision picking which formation you should go for, it’s going to affect which players you buy and whether you win or lose games. If you’re new to Ultimate Team, you might not have thought much about what formation you use but when playing Ultimate Team, its one of the main things you have to consider before you create your squad, otherwise building your squad might end up become unnecessarily expensive.

So what formation should you go for and how do you go about picking it? Well its all about style of play. The best way to start your search is by playing 4-4-2, the standard formation in football.


This should be your starting point

It’s a good formation because you always have a good idea where your players will be and the formation works well for maintaining possession, attacking and defending. Play a couple of games in career mode, or preferably online in head to head seasons to see how you feel and play with it.

You might find that 4-4-2 suit you but you might also find that your players aren’t forward enough for your liking so you might want to try a formation like 4-1-2-1-2 where it is easier to get the ball forward using passing and possession. Or you might want more players forward and that’s where a formation with three at the front, like 4-3-3, might be more useful for you. But if you like attacking using the wings then 4-3-3 won’t be very good since there are no RM or LM players in the formation.

On the flip side, you might find, like I did, that you need more players back since you’re not as strong at defending. In this case a formation like 4-5-1 will be better since you have lot more players positioned further back to bolster your defence. I went down this route but I found it was too defensive so I opted for 5-2-1-2. Using this formation I had five players at the back which is enough for keeping attacks at bay, but I still had options going forward.

You might think this all seems a bit vague but that’s because it’s all about personal preference and experimentation. You need to practice with different formations to find what suits your style of play best. Before you settle on one you like, take these two points into consideration:

  1. Don’t change your mind once you’ve picked one: As I mentioned earlier, picking your formation might be expensive. The reason being that some people get in the situation where they find the formation they originally picked didn’t wind up suiting them and then they have to spend lots of coins by either buying formation cards or worse, a whole new squad. Experiment a lot so you don’t fall in that trap.
  2. Some formation cards are more expensive than others: I’ve touched on this in previous posts but just to retouch on it; popular formation cards are ‘shiny’ and they can cost A LOT of money, upwards of 3000 coins. Players in these formations are also more expensive so people with unusual formations like 5-2-2-1 are at an advantage because they can save themselves a lot of coins. That’s because these formation cards are cheap (around 200 coins) and people can afford to search for players in any formation, saving coins, and then just buying a formation card so that they fit in their formation.

Then when you’re happy with everything, start putting your squad together. It might seem like a lot of effort as first but it’s worth it since you will start winning earlier in your FUT campaign and as such, start earning more coins quicker and having more fun. Happy formation finding!


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